Friday, March 8, 2013

Foodie Friday: Despo's Mexican Restaurant

Another local favorite that has been around for over 25 years is Despo's. A Mexican restaurant with fresh ingredients from local sources, an environmentally conscious mind, and the best salsa you can get. (My opinion of course.)

My favorite thing about Despo's is the vegetarian options. Most of the restaurants in town have veggie options, but Despo's goes above and beyond offering "Meatless Monday" with 20% off any vegetarian item on the menu, as well as a couple extra vegetarian specials. The zucchini burrito (vegan) is to die for, as well as the KMT salad (a local favorite), and the Chicken Tortilla soup (make sure to get ALL of the accompaniments).

Lucky for me, their salsa is also available in our local grocery stores, so when I'm craving chips and salsa I don't always have to head to the restaurant.

Keep in mind, Despo's does not offer take-out, and they have good environmental reasons for doing so. See below:
Two points are disturbing regarding a corn based “compostable” plastic and the reason Despo’s is still searching for an alternative to a corn-based product:
  1. Corn production utilizes huge amounts of land. To compensate producers constantly replant rather than rotate the crops. This requires use of fertilizers and nitrates that run off into our valuable water sources.
  2.  PLA is compostable only under certain conditions: 10 days at 140 degree F heat. There are very few dedicated PLA composting operations in existence, so realistically, most compostable plastic will wind up in our landfill where it will sit just as long as the other trash. 
Good reasons right? Take a look at their menu, check out the website, and make sure to visit them as they are open 11:00 am to 10:00 pm 6 days a week.... closed on Sunday's.

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