Monday, February 25, 2013

Stage to Sell: Clean & Simple

Written by Guest Blogger: Monica Macha

A Clean & Simple interior offers an opportunity for the strength of architectural elements to take center stage.  As shown in the entry image above, the modern glass surround door is juxtaposed with raw timber on the ceiling, and flagstone wall.  Neutral interior furnishings with limited pattern offer the perfect backdrop to see the architecture of the home.  To arrive at a similar feeling with existing furnishings requires an editing process.  Editing out clutter is removing unnecessary objects and furnishings.  Photo frames, accessories, baskets & containers are all examples of "clutter" that distracts from experiencing the comfort and function of the space.  The process of eliminating what is not needed offers an opportunity to find the focal point of each room and emphasize it's best feature!  Keep it simple, stylish, and on trend with neutral backgrounds punctuated with rich color.  Less is more.  Monica Macha

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