Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seller Advice: 10 Ways to Lose a Buyer

After chatting with a couple agents last week, we wanted to do a lighter take on real estate and it's many facets. We presented the topic this morning at our weekly sales meeting and we were overwhelmed with suggestions.

As the title states "Seller Advice: 10 Easy Ways to Lose a Buyer", we had to cut the list back a bit to fit.

1. Keep your listing a secret so your neighbors won't know.
2. Don't listen to your Realtor when pricing a property.
3. Raise your price after no one makes an offer.
4. Ignore curb appeal.
5. Leave the beds unmade.
6. Don't leave when someone shows your home.
7. Have your kids hide in the closets.
8. Rent your house out to tenants who are unwilling or unable to show it and/or clean-up.
9. Don't clean the cat box.
10. Have your pit bull greet them at the door.

There were a few that definitely wouldn't have been appropriate to share here, but we had quite the chuckle at the office meeting, and a few great stories to use for future "lists".

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