Monday, May 20, 2013

Luxury Home Staging: Visualize Your Buyer's Lifestyle for a Turn Key Purchase

Visualize your buyer and their perfect new life in your home.  It's important for the seller to create a reflection of the desired lifestyle of their potential buyer. When the seller is able to detach themselves from their emotional imprint of the home an opportunity to create a turn key sale becomes possible. Luxury real estate buyers want to feel as if they are moving into their new home and not your old home and lifestyle.  The luxury real estate purchaser wants the latest trend in interior finishes and furnishings.  Offer them both and you have a turn key purchase.

Invest in a "plan" that outlines the demographic of the individual or family that can afford the location and size of your home.  Invest in the finish and furnishing upgrades that match the current market trend.  Stay neutral, classic, rich, luxurious.  Use a professional designer to implement a design that will sell!  The luxury home buyer wants ease.  They travel, they have other homes, they want a turn key experience.  Give it to them and get the return on your investment in the purchase price.  It's a Win Win!

Written by guest blogger Monica Macha


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