Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Sheep are Coming!

The Trailing of the Sheep is a time of collecting, remembering and documenting western history by the people who have and are living it. There are stories of the Basque, Scottish, and Peruvian heritage in the industry with its music, dance, and tree-carving art. And the tales of the nomadic life of herders in their camps high in back country mountains stories of saving sheep from bear and cougar, from the ravages of drought, and from death in raging snow storms.

In a time when people are searching for family roots and historic connections to place, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival is intriguing. No longer is this a small town celebration.The Sun Valley/Ketchum Chamber of Commerce receives calls and visitors from across the U.S., people who come here in October to experience a piece of history and live western traditions they've only read about. A one block survey of Sheep Parade watchers last year included visitors from Germany, Wisconsin, England, California and New York City, enjoying the parade alongside the locals.

Along with the parade, in which 1500 sheep trail down Main Street, there are dog trials, a lamb dine around, Folklife Fair, Women Writing & Living in the West, and featured performers.

The dine around will feature lamb specials at many local restaurants. To view the entire list, click here.

USA TODAY features the Sheep Festival as One of the 10 best Animal Festivals Check this link for the story! travel/destinations/ 10greatplaces/2012/09/29/10- great-places-animal-festivals/ 1602507/
Trailing of the Sheep Festival on Armed Forces Radio Check this link for a great interview with John Peavey and Mary Austin Crofts that reached an audience of 2 million in 180 countries. Wow!

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