Monday, March 5, 2012

The Faces Behind the Camera

In celebration of the new snow last week, and in hopes that our SVSIR agents have enlisted their photographers to run around and get (more, professional) winter photos of their listings, I want to show you the faces behind the camera, and their dedication to getting that perfect “shot”.

We are extremely lucky to have very talented photographers in our area who work well with agents in order to visualize a homes’ story, so I sent each of them four quick questions to answer, both real estate related, and not:
1. What is your favorite room in a home?
2. When you are not photographing real estate, what is your subject of choice?
3. What home have you photographed for our office that stands out the most?
4. What one tip would you give an amateur photographer if they decided to take their own photographs of a home?

And here are the results, starting with the short winded ones: (pay close attention to the advice given in number four, as I know many of you still use your own photography skills)

Fred Lindholm:

1. Living Room  |  2. Women  |  3. 30 Osprey Lane  |  4. Use your flash.

1. Fred in action.                                     2. 30 Osprey Lane

To contact Fred leave a note with your email address in the comments, and I will get you his information.

Roland Lane:
1. Den  |  2. Wildlife  |  3. 13 Independence Creek  |  4. Use a tripod.

1. Roland Lane                            2. 13 Independence Creek

To contact Roland and view more of his work visit,

Josh Wells:
Josh Wells on set.
1. The Kitchen, especially when it opens to the living/great room.  It usually has the most character and it’s where people love to entertain.

2. Products and retail establishments.  I like business.  I like commerce.  And I like to help my clients capture their products in a way that helps their businesses succeed.

3. Elkhorn Springs – It's a beautiful property that helped revitalize the Elkhorn area.  It's tastefully done and it represents a terrific value. And there are a lot of interesting components/parts including the tennis courts, pool, golf course and close proximity to the ski hill.

Elkhorn Springs, by Josh Wells

4. Use a tri-pod – make sure your shots are level and the light is right.

To contact Josh and view more of his work visit,

Tory Taglio:
1. The kitchen would have to be my favorite room to show in a real estate shoot. The kitchen is typically the center of all family activity and usually it is the kitchen that carries the personality of the home. As far as good photographs go, the largest rooms, such as the living rooms are usually the showcase photos

2. I really enjoy shooting lifestyle stock photography: skiers, runners, fisherman, and the other activities that represent what makes this valley so unique. It’s hard to take a bad picture of people doing what they love.

3. I photographed a home on Greenhorn Loop last Summer that will always standout in my memory. The home was on a beautiful lot and I spent the entire day there shooting for the optimum light quality for both the interior and the exterior. The sunset photos of the exterior where the quality of light that only hits a house for 5 minutes during the day. I just happened to be there and ready when the timing was perfect. The results were worth it.

Greenhorn Loop by Tory Taglio

4. Spend the time to find that homes best light, either early AM or later in the afternoon so that the colors of the rooms walls and furniture are accurate and complimentary. Using HDR or Photoshop may allow you to shoot in low quality light, but these shortcuts give the photos an artificial or even cartoon like appearance. Colors are not accurate, contrast is muddy and the results are counterproductive. Sophisticated buyers today are looking at hundreds of photos a day that are professionally photographed to the highest standards. When poorly photographed homes are compared to well photographed homes side by side on the internet, the poorly photographed homes do not get a second look.

To contact Tory and see more of his work visit,

Each photographer was nominated by one or more of our agent’s in the Sun Valley Sotheby’s International Realty office.


  1. I have to say that we are very fortunate to have such a concentration of talented photographers living in our small valley. It must be the endless scenery that attracts so many artists.

    I know each of these professionals, and each sets the bar high, with their own outstanding style. Fred Lindholm, especially, is as Master at his craft and was an inspiration to me as I started out. Both Roland and Josh are personal friends and all around great guys who I admire and enjoy watching their as they continually progress as artists.

    If that picture of Fred with skis on and a tripod rigged to a ladder in the dead of winter doesn't impress, nothing will!
    -Tory Taglio

    1. Thanks for the response Tory! You all are wonderful, and we are so lucky to work with you!

  2. WoW! I am a photographer in Boise, ID and recently went to Sun Valley this past weekend. I personally love real estate photography, so I picked up a copy of SUN VALLEY Property News and just started drooling. Each of you are amazingly talented photographers. I am inspired! Like Tony said, the bar is raised high and I will continue to learn and grown!
    I have the magazine sitting right here on my desk and before I work on my editing or go out to shoot a house, I look through it at the beautiful pictures. I love the style, the light and the angles. I study it! One day, I hope to be up there with Fred Lindholm and Roland, Josh and Tony. Again, thank you for your inspiration! :)
    ~Noelle Veldhouse

    1. Thanks for the comment Noelle! We are very lucky up here to have such talent, and we wish you the best of luck with your practice and growth. Feel free to stop by our office anytime to see more examples of the stunning work these guys do for us. Our agents are always looking for great photographers as well, so feel free to send over any of your information in case there is a listing that comes up closer to you!

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