Friday, January 13, 2012

A Perfect Ski Day in Sun Valley

The idea of a "perfect ski day" will vary so completely from person to person that I don't believe you could ever really pin down that one, ideal day. Stories could range anywhere from 8 am lift lines for first tracks in deep powder, to a late start with plenty of time spent hopping from lodge to lodge on the mountain, to a secluded nordic ski, or a backcountry adventure.... they are plentiful and endless.

Here we have just a couple of these days contributed by two of our agents.

A Perfect Ski Day in Sun Valley

Every ski day in Sun Valley is perfect, but some are more perfect than others. Remember that powder day!  It had snowed all night and the mountain ski report said 14 inches had fallen on Baldy. There was already a good base. We were in the lift line at 8:00 am and the snow was still lightly falling. As more and more skiers arrived, they hassled each other to be one chair closer to getting to the top. We waited and waited while the avalanche control crews were hard at work getting the slopes ready for the onslaught.

Finally, they started loading the lift and the adrenaline rush made us all a little crazy.  Everyone was planning their first runs. Which runs are open? How many runs can we make with new tracks before we head for the trees?  The ride up is filled with anticipation and excitement.  My favorite powder ski buddy is sitting beside me.  We have been searching for the best powder on this mountain for over 50 years and cherish each and every opportunity.  There are endless secret skiing lines between the trees when the runs get skied out.

We reach the top. The bowls and Seattle Ridge are not open yet, so we settle on Ridge.  It is a wide open sea of perfect white, so beautiful, it could be heaven. Run after run we are thrilled and amazed at the wonders of this great mountain.  We hear that the bowls will open around noon.  By the time we get there, the ridge overlooking Little Easter Bowl is already lined with skiers waiting to make first tracks.  At last, the signal is given and we are off!  Remember that perfect, floating feeling?  Thank you Baldy and Sun Valley Company!

Submitted by Anne Zauner of Sun Valley Sotheby's International Realty

My Perfect Day Skiing

There is a magical phenomenon that happens when it’s snowing and sunny at the same time.  The air is filled with diamonds flashing rainbows of sparkles. Last year, I was skate skiing north of Ketchum at Billy’s Bridge with my dog, and this magic happened.  With the soft corduroy track, my happy dog racing ahead of me, the absence of another person and the views of the Boulders through the sparkling air, my ski was absolutely mystical. It seemed I could ski faster than ever with little effort, and at the crest of a hill, I stopped and just stood in the warmth of the sun basking in this beautiful abundance of diamonds swirling all around me.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment as long as I live.

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