Thursday, December 8, 2011

This weekend we celebrate the snow, the sun and the people that make Powder Magazine

There’s a 40th Birthday Party happening in Sun Valley this weekend unlike any celebration you have ever been to.  Born in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1972, Powder Magazine was the radical idea of local ski patrolman Jake Moe who wanted to publish a magazine focused on the emotion and sensations of powder skiing, with a heavy focus on photos and awe inspiring imagery. Jake Moe was living in paradise in Sun Valley in the 1970’s and was surrounded by many cool skiers that inspired his quest for a new type of ski magazine.  With a lot of help from his brother and other friends in Sun Valley, Powder Magazine published its first issue in 1972.  Now Powder is widely regarded as the premier ski magazine around the world. Known as the Skier’s Magazine, Powder takes its readers on a skiing adventure around the globe, giving insight on the culture and emotion that the die-hard skier experiences every time he clicks into his skis.

This weekend, Powder editors, writers, photographers and guests are bringing the celebration to Sun Valley. With the marquee event on Friday night, The Powder Prom, you can expect to see locals and Powder fans alike dressed in their 70’s best to celebrate the people, the snow and the culture that founder Jake Moe wanted to praise through the pages of the magazine. The fun continues on Baldy Saturday, with a hot dog contest, then there will be a Powder cover auction at Ochi Gallery followed by a Powder Party. All of the weekend’s festivities will support the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.  Hope to see you all in your retro suits for another great weekend in Sun Valley!

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