Friday, February 4, 2011

The finish line!

Come join us at the finish line of the Boulder Mountain Tour, Saturday morning February 5, 2011. Just after 11am the top finishers of the 32k race will be gliding through the finish line, followed by 800 of their closest competitors... including a few from our SVSIR office!

Sue Engelmann and Kirsten Ritzau are among the ladies entered from our office, while Tom Heinrich will be a sponsor and managing one of the Preems. He will be awarding a cash prize to the first male and female at the 15k mark.

Many current elite racers from around the world will be in attendance. 2010 Olympic gold medalist Billy Demong will be racing as well as Olympians Jon Engen, Betsy Youngman, Bryan Fletcher, and Erich Wilbrecht.

See you there!

Our broker, Darlene Young, during the 2009 race.

Join us at the finish line!
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