Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Catalogue of Fine Properties on Stands!

The summer edition of SunValleyStyle is ON STANDS THIS WEEKEND!
If you are around town, or even in Boise we will have stands stocked with catalogs; all you need to do is look for this beautiful cover:

For those of you not in town, but still hoping to look, our catalogs always have a digital version. Click the link below to be taken to a virtual read!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Turn in the Housing Market

After Years of False Hopes, Signs of a Turn in Housing
Roughly six years after the housing market began its longest and deepest slide since the Great Depression, home sales and an increase in sales prices indicate that the market is recovering.

We are excited that Sun Valley is also experiencing a resurgence in the real estate market.

Here is one of our latest statistics from the Sun Valley Board of Realtors:

Read the full story from the New York Times here:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Cabin in the Woods

What is more perfect as an Idaho mountain retreat than a cozy, creekside cabin?
I guess making that sentence a question opened it up for a lot of feedback... let me rephrase:

A cozy, creekside cabin, in the middle of the Idaho wilderness, is a perfect mountain retreat.

Summer is upon us! Many of the cabins in these parts are only accessible during the summer months, unless you are an avid outdoors man/woman who wants to cross-country ski into their perfect winter retreat. (There are actually plenty of people in the office who would jump at the chance to do that.)

With that being said, there are quite a few cabins situated just a bit north of Ketchum that fit these three requirements perfectly:

1. Cozy
2. Creekside
3. Idaho Wilderness

Of the many for sale in the Sun Valley real estate market, here are just a few to start your search for that perfect cabin in the woods.

Cabin on Baker Creek  |  $225,000
“Pale Rider” was filmed near this rare creek front cabin in the 778,000 acre Sawtooth National Recreation Area 12 miles north of Ketchum. Incomparable views, convenience, and charm. Three sleeping areas, kitchen, fireplace, bath, fire pit, and deck. Please inquire about fees and permit. Visit our website for more information. 

Boulder View Cabin  |  $185,000
This well built Forest Service Permit Cabin at Boulder View located 16 miles north of Ketchum features full bathroom, large bedrooms, stone chimney. Large deck overlooks the spectacular Boulder Mountains. Close to biking - hiking - snowshoe trails. Please inquire about fees and permit.  Visit our website for more information.

Beautiful Cabin Near Sun Valley  |  $98,000
Forest Service Cabin on Baker Creek, 14 miles north of Ketchum. This charming cabin is surrounded by the beautiful Smokey and Boulder mountains. Close to the biking - hiking - snowshoe trail at Baker. Please inquire about fees and permit. Visit our website for more information.

All of these cabins reside on Forest Service Land, please inquire about permits and fees.
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